Silon Dual-Dress 50®

Silon Dual-Dress 50® multi-function wound dressing is designed specifically as a protective covering over excised burn wounds, autograft sites or biosynthetic dressings. The 0.50 inch (1.3 cm) thick foam layer provides cushioning and absorbency for delicate wounds. The non-perforated Silon® layer prevents contamination of the wound and leakage from the wound site.

Silon Dual-Dress 50® minimizes dressing changes needed between surgical procedures and take down due to high absorbency.

The tough outer Silon® layer protects new grafts and eases the burden of nursing care on the patient.

  • Use over autografts or biological/biosynthetic dressings
  • Use directly on excised wounds and difficult anatomical areas
  • Good staple retention for fixation in difficult areas
  • Prevents strike-through and wound contamination
  • Thickness aids in protection of delicate wounds
  • Easy to use on large surface area for burns and grafts
  • Available in 11 x 24 inch (28 x 60 cm) sheets for fast & optimal coverage of large burns/wounds

Ordering Information

Item# Size Per Piece Quantity per box
2833-10 5.5 x 6 in (14 x 15 cm) 10
2932-10 11 x 12 in (28 x 30 cm) 10
2964-10 11 x 24 in (28 x 61 cm) 10

Note: Each piece is individually packaged for dispensing single pieces. For quantities other than a box of 10, please contact our office.

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