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Bio Med Sciences is now the exclusive distributor of one of the most innovative silver wound care technologies: exsalt®T7 is a silver wound dressing that uses a unique kind of silver technology: silver oxysalts. Silver oxysalts offer higher oxidation states of silver (Ag2+, Ag3+), which are more capable of interacting with microbial DNA, proteins, and lipids. Higher oxidation increases the potency of biocidal activity. Consequently, exsalt®T7 has the ability to powerfully interact with microbes without needing a high content of silver to be effective2,3.

exsalt®T7’s silver oxysalts technology, combined with a low silver content, makes the dressing less toxic to the wound environment and more gentle to use. exsalt®T7 has also demonstrated only a nominal shift in pH, providing comfort for your patients — without sacrificing antimicrobial performance.

In addition, the combination of unique silver technology and low silver content means the silver dressings can be produced efficiently and at a low production cost, resulting in a cost-effective dressing. This means potential cost savings for the management of wounds!

The ONLY silver dressing with more positives.

exsalt®T7 Ag is a silver dressing for chronic and acute wounds that utilizes Ag Oxysalts™ Technology. Ag Oxysalts™ is a unique type of silver that delivers a quick 5 log bacteria kill rate while at the same time being gentle on patients and your budget. The result is a silver dressing with more positives:

The power of Ag Oxysalts™ technology.

Silver is only effective at killing bacteria when it is missing electrons and in an ionic state. The more electrons that are missing, the more positively charged the silver becomes. This leads to a greater ability of silver to disrupt the normal function of the bacteria4.

exsalt®T7 with Ag Oxysalts™ Technology is designed with 3 missing electrons (Ag3+) to make it more effective at killing bacteria. Other silver dressings are only missing one electron (Ag1+), making their silver less effective4.
Burn wound infected with pseudomonas
Ag Oxysalts™ dressing
Dressing change (48 hours)

It's as simple as 1+ 2+ 3+

Higher oxidation states (Ag2+, Ag3+) + Low silver content = a more efficient, gentle, cost-effective silver dressing! exsalt®T7 consists of two outer layers of non-adherent high-density polyethylene with an inner layer of absorbent polyester, providing flexibility and conformability. All layers are coated with silver oxysalts, so the product is not side specific. exsalt®T7 can absorb five times its weight of exudate. If more absorption is required, exsalt®T7 is compatible with secondary dressings. It can also be used in conjunction with other advanced wound care technologies.
Product CodeDressing SizeDressings per Box
T704054in x 5in (10cm x 12.5 cm)10
T706066in x 6in (15cm x 15cm)10
T708168in x 16in (20cm x 40cm)10
T7161616in x 16in (40cm x 40cm)5
T7163216in x 32in (40cm x 80cm)5