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Bio Med Sciences’ scar management, wound care and renewing technologies have been the subject of, or favorably mentioned in a variety of medical journals and trade publications. Click the links to download PDF versions of the articles.

Cultured Autologous Keratinocytes in Suspension Accelerate Epithelial Maturation in an In Vivo Wound Model as Measured by Surface Electrical Capacitance

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – February 2007

A New Option for the Nursing Wound Management of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome – A Case Report

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Evaluation of a New Multi-Layer Foam Dressing for the Effective Management of Graft Site Coverage

Mid-Atlantic Burn Conference – November 2006

Ablative Laser Resurfacing – Postoperative Care

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Dressing for success after laser treatments: ‘smart’ bandages boost healing, ease pain

Cosmetic Surgery Times – July 2004

Colleagues draw conclusion on occlusive silicone dressing

Cosmetic Surgery Times – July 2002

Evaluation of a Silicone Occlusive Dressing After Laser Skin Resurfacing

Archives Dermatology – October 2001

Interpenetrating Polymer Network Wound Dressing Versus Petrolatum Following Facial CO Laser 2 Resurfacing: A Bilateral Comparison

Dermatologic Surgery – May 2001

Laser Dressing Avoids Postoperative Problems

Cosmetic Surgery Times – April 2000

A Novel Occlusive Dressing for Skin Resurfacing

Dermatologic Surgery – 1998

Promising Results Found With New Interpenetrating Polymer Network

Cosmetic Dermatalogy – October 1995

Silon® Non-Adherent Film Dressings On Autograft And Donor Sites

Wounds – September 1992

A Phase III, Randomized, Single-Blind Untreated Control Study

Nonsurgical Scar Management of the Face: Does Early vs Late Intervention Affect Outcome?

Journal of Burn Care and Research – September/October 2013

Use of Silon-LTS® Low Temperature Splinting Material for Fabrication of Scar Management Facial Orthosis in an Infant

24th Southern Region Burn Conference (SRBC) – December 2011

The Use of Silicone Lined, Low Temperature Thermoplastics in the Rehabilitation of Pediatric Hand Burns

14th European Burns Association (EBA) Congress – September 2011

Current Rehabilitation Updates in the Practice Management of Facial Scar Hypertrophy

14th European Burn Association (EBA) Congress – September 2011

Management of a Challenging Pediatric Burn Scar Utilizing a Novel Silicone Impregnated Low Temperature Thermoplastic Splint Material

Northeast Region Burn Conference – November 2010

Old-fashioned Fabrication of Transparent Face Masks

Southern Region Burn Conference – November 2010

The Novel Use of a Self-Adhesive Silicone Fabric Sheeting for Managing Difficult Eye Contracture – A Case Report

Western Region Burn Conference – October 2010

Employing A Cost Effective, Long Term Solution To Scar Management and Splinting Utilizing A Novel Silicone Impregnated Splinting Material

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The Use of A Low Temperature Silicone Impregnate Splinting Material In The Management of Anterior Neck Burn Scar Hypertrophy

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Blood Flow Changes with Prolonged Facial Pressure

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Enhancing Scar Management Combination Therapy: Initial Experiences with Silicone Lined Thermo-formable Foam

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Palmar Hand Burn Splint: Tips and Techniques for Splinting Management

Southern Medical Association – November 2009

Technological Advancements in the Management of Hypertrophic Scar with Silicone and Pressure Modalities

The John A. Boswick Burn and Wound Care Symposium – February 2009

Clinical Management of Hypertrophic Burn Scars with Silon® Technology and Pressure Modalities in Rehabilitation

2nd Scar Meeting – September 2008

Current Clinician Opinions on the Management of Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars with Pressure Modulation

British Burn Association – April 2008

Laser Doppler Imaging of Cutaneous Blood Flow Through Transparent Face Masks: A Necessary Preamble to Computer-Controlled Rapid Prototyping Fabrication With Submillimeter Precision

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Silon® Technology Enhances Durability and Produces A More Versatile Line of Silicone Based Products to Treat Hypertrophic Burn Scars

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The Use of High-Temperature Silicone Lined Material for Neck and Chin Orthoses

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The Effectiveness Of Silicone Thermoplastic Material In The Management Of Facial Scarring After Burn Injury

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Comparison of Positive Pressure Gloves on Hand Function in Adults with Burns

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A New Burn Mouth Splinting Option for Oral Scaring after Burn Injury

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Alternative Silicone Gel Sheeting Application Methods to Improve Burn Scar Outcome

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Silicone Thermoplastic Sheeting for Treatment of Facial Scars: An Improved Technique

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Dynamic Cone Mouth Splinting: Adjunct to Present Scar Management Techniques

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The Management of Face and Neck Scars With Silon-STS®

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Therapist Management of a Full-Thickness Facial Burn with a Silicone Lined High Temperature Thermoplastic Splint: A Clinical Case Report

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The Silicone Thermoplastic Sheeting Face Mask: Facial Scar Mediators of the Future

Mid-Atlantic Burn Conference – November 1995