Bio Med Sciences Announces the Out-Licensing of Silon® Technology to Pfizer, Inc.

Bio Med Sciences, Inc. announced today that Pfizer, Inc. of New York, NY has recently introduced Neosporin® Scar SolutionTM based on Bio Med’s proprietary Silon® technology.

Scar SolutionTM is intended for use on closed wounds to reduce or prevent the appearance of scars after dermal injury. The product is based on technology developed by Bio Med Sciences who manufactures woundcare and scar treatment products used in burn treatment centers and by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in over 35 countries.   Bio Med will continue to supply the “professional” market under the trademark Oleeva Fabric® while Pfizer manufactures and distributes Scar SolutionTM to the consumer market via over-the-counter retail outlets such as pharmacies.  Scar SolutionTM is expected to be available at most retail pharmacies across the US beginning in January 2004.

Mark Dillon, the President of Bio Med Sciences, said “There’s probably no company in the world better suited to market this sort of product than Pfizer.  The arrangement has taken shape over the past few years and we are truly excited to see our technology gaining such exposure in the marketplace.” Mr. Dillon added, “We will continue to focus on servicing the professional market of burn centers and plastic surgeons and feel confident that Pfizer will do an excellent job in the retail sector.”

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