Bio Med Supports Physicians for Peace in Burn Rehabilitation Outreach

Bio Med Sciences continues to provide significant donations to support burn rehabilitation efforts in developing countries.  In working with Physicians For Peace (PFP), a nonprofit organization, Bio Med donated both medical materials and expert clinical rehabilitation services to a recent burn facemask rehabilitation workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico as part of the IX Congress of the Latin American Burn Federation (FELAQ) and XXXI Congress of the National Mexican Burn Association (AMQ) on September 21 – 24, 2011. 

The three day intensive hands on program trained over 15 clinicians and physicians from over 5 different Central and South American countries as well as 2 physicians from the Philippines.  The workshop was directed by a team of experienced US burn therapists from ABA verified burn hosptials in California, Texas and Pennsylvania. The workshop provided training in the technique of face mask fabrication and demonstrated the use of one of the most effective materials for face mask rehabilitation- Silon-STS.  

Mark Dillon, President and CEO commented “We are glad to be able to support theses burn training missions and we applaud the efforts of burn therapists to improve the outcomes for clinicians in developing countries and across the globe”.  The feedback from the attendees was overwhelming positive and for many it was the first time they have ever had the chance to work with these materials and with this specific rehabilitation technique.

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