Introducing SeaAllure Nighttime Skin Firming Treatment

Bio Med Sciences, Inc. of Allentown, PA will launch a new cosmeceutical product next month.

SeaAllureTM is an innovative, nighttime skin-firming patch clinically proven to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles using moisturization and natural skin-tightening ingredients from the sea.

SeaAllure is made from Bio Med’s patented Silon® polymer formulation with the addition of a fabric backing. The fabric gives the product a smooth and silky feeling and helps prevent it from sticking to bedding. The Silon gel allows the product to gently adhere to the skin and provides occlusion to increase the skin’s hydration level. In addition, the Silon acts as a reservoir for a skin-tightening agent which is delivered topically to the treatment site. The increased hydration of the skin improves the penetration of the tightening agent. For most users SeaAllure provides a noticeable reduction in the appearance of facial wrinkles within days.

SeaAllure is a non-invasive, anti-aging option for women who want to look their best. Unlike injections or dermal fillers, SeaAllure is natural and painless. SeaAllure is designed to be worn overnight and stays comfortably on the face until removed the following morning without discomfort.

“Many of today’s maturing women don’t want invasive surgery or procedures. They’re often drawn to more natural alternatives” says Mark Dillon, President of Bio Med Sciences and creator of the SeaAllure anti-wrinkle solution. He adds, “Today’s forty-five year old woman doesn’t really want to look twenty again; she wants to look like the best forty-five year old woman she can. This is why we created SeaAllure.”

The cosmeceutical skin care market has been characterized by a huge number of launches that target the anti-aging segment with very diverse ingredient solutions and application alternatives. According to Dillon, the use of the Silon gel material along with natural marine botanical agents provides a system that is both more effective and longer lasting than simple creams and lotions.

Scientifically developed and manufactured in the US according to strict quality standards, the effectiveness of SeaAllure has been proven using controlled clinical study methods. In a recent study conducted at a cosmetic dermatology clinic, 80 % of testers reported at least a 25 % improvement in the appearance of their facial wrinkles within 2 weeks. Many reported faster results noting an improvement within 5 days. Some testers scored an improvement of up to 75 %.

Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Bio Med Sciences is preparing for their official launch of SeaAllure on or about July 23, 2007. SeaAllure will be offered nationally through online sales at, by calling 1-888-99-U-GLOW (1-888-998-4569) and at finer spa locations.

During the launch phase, the Company will be marketing extensively through a variety of media outlets including television, newspaper, magazines and internet. The primary focus will be to educate potential clients and distributors of their product line, about the Company’s mission and technology, as well as available distributor opportunities.

With 20 years experience in treating wounds and scars in the burn care and plastic surgery fields, Bio Med Sciences has now become a pioneer in the science of skin care and anti-aging. Bio Med is a privately held company founded in 1987 and is committed to innovation in the biomedical and cosmeceutical markets. For additional information contact Mark Dillon at the above letterhead address or visit or

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